Liposomal Glutathione Liquid - 500mg - Blueberry Flavour

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Well.Actually. Liposomal Glutathione in NEW Blueberry Flavour liquid

Contains powerful 500mg of 'Setria®' Reduced L Glutathione in a highly-absorbed form to achieve optimal delivery and effect for supporting your immune, detox and skin health.

Glutathione is further supported with Selenium and Vitamin B6 in its active form (p5p). Selenium is a cofactor to Glutathione, i.e. it is needed to support regular Glutathione activity in the body, with Vitamin B6 playing a supportive role in Glutathione synthesis and being involved in its antioxidant defence system.

Nutrients are encapsulated within millions of sunflower-derived micro-phospholipid Liposomes to enhance absorption, protecting the Glutathione, Selenium and B6 against harsh digestive processes, directly and quickly delivering the nutrients into your cells.

Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten and soy free, non-GMO, this product contains no added sugars or sweeteners and is UK manufactured to high-quality BRC and GMP (Manufacturing) standards. 300ml size provides 60 x servings (250mg Glutathione) with 150ml providing 30 x servings.

Overview & Benefits

• Advanced Nutrient Absorption

• Liquid Glutathione 500mg

• With added Selenium & Vitamin B6

• Up to 30 / 60 Servings

• Vegan & Vegetarian friendly

• No Artificial Colours, sweeteners, Non-GMO

• Soy, Gluten, Alcohol Free

• Blueberry Flavour

• Made in the UK

• Manufactured to GMP / BRCGS Accreditation

• Eco-Conscious Packaging

Directions & Ingredients

Directions of use:

Shake before use. Take 5 to 10ml daily (1 to 2 teaspoons). Can be taken directly or mixed with a cold drink, smoothie, etc.


Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Phospholipids (from sunflower lecithin) containing Phosphatidylcholine, Glutathione, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Natural Flavourings (Blueberry, Mint), Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate, Natural Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Sodium Selenite.

Storage Notices:

Refrigerate but do not freeze. Replace cap after use. Once opened, use within 90 days. Store out of reach and sight of children.

Warning Notices:

Do not exceed recommended dose. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking this supplement.


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    Liposomal Glutathione Liquid - 500mg - Blueberry Flavour
    Liposomal Glutathione Liquid - 500mg - Blueberry Flavour
    Liposomal Glutathione Liquid - 500mg - Blueberry Flavour
    Liposomal Glutathione Liquid - 500mg - Blueberry Flavour
    Liposomal Glutathione Liquid - 500mg - Blueberry Flavour
    Liposomal Glutathione Liquid - 500mg - Blueberry Flavour


    Why is Liposomal Glutathione better VS standard form Glutathione?

    The reality is that Glutathione intake from consuming food or standard supplement tablet, powder or capsule forms is not absorbed very well. Enzymes largely break it down within the intestine.

    Also, Liposomal Glutathione provided in gel cap or dried capsule form lacks scientific research for being able to deliver true Liposomal encapsulation technology. Liposomes should be taken in liquid form.

    To achieve the best possible absorption Well.Actually. encapsulates Glutathione within millions of micro-phospholipid Liposome bubbles which protect Glutathione against harsh digestive processes, for optimal absorption.

    Why is your Liposomal Glutathione more affordable than others?

    Our 300ml bottle offers 20% more servings than a 250ml bottle, so always check the size of the bottle.

    Our products are made in the UK, where many products are imported from Europe or America which incurs extra delivery and import charges.

    Other brands only use sachets which adds costs when filling 30 sachets, instead of one bottle.

    What is the best way to take Well.Actually. liposomal Glutathione Liquid?

    You can take Well.Actually Liposomal Glutathione straight from the spoon or mix it in to a glass to create a hint of Cherry water. You can also mix it into juices or smoothies (mix, do not blend)

    Take a 5ml to 10ml (250mg – 500mg) Glutathione (1 to 2 teaspoons)

    We would advise you start off with 250mg, which is sufficient for daily maintenance of Glutathione, and increase to 500mg if for a specific reason, such as to detox, for skin health, extreme exercise or heightened immunity defence.

    Although you can take glutathione on an empty stomach, at any time during the day, the evening is probably the best time. Glutathione’s activity and concentration levels fluctuate according to our circadian rhythms (body’s internal clock, operating on a 24-hour cycle).

    Glutathione activity rises during the nightly sleep cycle as our systems work to combat free radicals produced by an active metabolism and exposure to stress stimuli. High oxidative stressed individuals may deplete Glutathione whilst asleep.

    Why take Liposomal Glutathione?

    Think of Glutathione as your body’s bodyguard team, which helps protect it from free radicals, waste, and potentially harmful substances, which can lead to premature ageing, ill health or other more serious issues unless eliminated and dealt with.

    As we age, we lose the ability to produce Glutathione i.e. we lose members of our bodyguard team, which exposes our body to outside attacks from harmful substances, which then start to infiltrate our defences.

    1. Could help delay skin ageing

    We constantly expose our skin to UV light and oxidative chemicals, both of which can hasten the ageing process of our skin. Accumulation of free radicals causes oxidative stress and stimulates the peroxidation of the lipid components of biological membranes, the damage from which results in ageing. A study on taking 250mg Setria® Glutathione a day for 12 weeks resulted in a significant effect on reducing wrinkles, an increase in skin elasticity and skin brightening on areas exposed to the sun

    2) Might Be Good for Liver Health

    The liver is a key organ in the body’s detoxification process for drugs and other substances like alcohol. Glutathione is mainly stored in the liver and supports many detox processes. For this reason it is often referred to as the ‘Master Detoxifier’

    3) Improves Insulin Sensitivity

    Glutathione levels in the blood and glutathione metabolism may be lower in people with type 2 diabetes and poor glucose tolerance. In people with and without type-2 diabetes, research suggests that oral glutathione supplementation may help improve insulin sensitivity.

    4) Aids Immune System Performance

    Numerous studies show that whey protein and liposomal glutathione supplementation can boost glutathione levels, lower inflammatory indicators, and improve immunological response in persons with weakened immune systems.

    Why is your Glutathione called ‘Setria®’ Glutathione?

    ‘Setria’ is a branded Glutathione, which is one of the only clinically tested Glutathione ingredients, proven to increase Glutathione levels on a cellular level in the body! It’s a bit like comparing the difference between a ‘budget non-branded trainer and a branded high performance trainer’.

    Why is Selenium and Vitamin B6 added to your Glutathione?

    Selenium is a cofactor required for the optimal functioning of the whole glutathione system. The mineral selenium accelerates the antioxidant action of Glutathione.

    Vitamin B6 is supportive of Glutathione activation and involved in its antioxidant defence system. It plays a central role in the metabolism of amino acids, which includes important interactions with endogenous redox reactions through its effects on the glutathione peroxidase (GPX) system.

    Inadequate vitamin B-6 may indirectly limit glutathione synthesis and affect antioxidant capacities.

    Can I mix my Liposomal Glutathione with another liposomal product?

    Absolutely and we would definitely recommend it. It's such a great way to take various liquid vitamins and minerals by mixing them together. You can mix them in to a small glass and add a bit off water to shot, or into a larger glass and turn it in to a flavoured water to drink. You can also mix into your sports water bottle or juice or smoothie.

    Glutathione and Vitamin C work well together by replenishing and recycling one another. Vitamin C helps to protect Glutathione in
    the tissues, while Glutathione converts worn-out vitamin C back into its active form.

    Why does Glutathione have a sulphur smell?

    Setria® Glutathione offers reduced sulfur smell Glutathione. but if your Glutathione does not have a sulphur smell, it is not true Glutathione.

    The secret of Glutathione’s power is the sulphur chemical groups it contains. Sulphur is a sticky, smelly molecule. It attracts all the bad things in the body to stick onto it, including free radicals and toxins like mercury and other heavy metals. With the toxins stuck onto Glutathione, it helps carry them out of your body.

    The simple way to take Glutathione, if unsure about the smell, is not to smell it! As it tastes pretty good.

    What does your Liposomal Glutathione taste like?

    Our liposomal Glutathione has a Blueberry taste which provides a smooth delivery which you can take straight from the spoon or dilute it into a favourite beverage of their choice.

    Are there any side effects with Glutathione?

    Glutathione has a very high safety profile, as it is already naturally occurring in one’s body.

    If you are taking other dietary supplements under the direction of a health professional, or are on medication or breastfeeding, then we recommend consulting them before using Well.Actually. Liposomal Vitamin C.

    We advise starting at a 250mg dose and keeping to under 500mg of Glutathione a day with an upper limit of 1000mg.

    Does Liposomal Glutathione need to be refrigerated?

    Yes, we recommend that once opened our Liposomal Glutathione should be stored in the refrigerator. Many have found our Liposomal Glutathione's taste improves when chilled.

    Well.Actually. High Quality Nutrition for Vibrant Living.

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    • Satisfaction Guarantee

    • Superior Absorption