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Liposomes. Targeted Nutrient Delivery.

Liposomes are changing the way our bodies absorb plant substances, vitamins, and minerals.

Many conventional food supplements do not deliver nutrients in a way which activates their full bio-therapeutic effect. For instance, research shows that the body absorbs only 14-30% of vitamin C in standard form.

Other research shows that digestive enzymes degrade some nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract like Glutathione, and COQ10. This means that only a fraction of some of these nutrients reaches the bloodstream for onward distribution rendering them ineffective.

On the other hand, we do know that when active nutrients are administered intravenously (by injection), straight into the bloodstream, the bioavailability (absorption of active ingredients) is 100% and fast.

Liposome Vitamin and Nutrient supplementation is a ground-breaking oral delivery solution, due to its high bioavailability and quick delivery of nutrients into targeted cells that need them most, within the blood stream.


What are Liposomes?

The term Liposome is derived from the Greek term ‘lipos’ which means fat and ‘soma’ which means 'for body'.

Liposomes are created when a ‘phospholipid bi-layer’ surrounds the active ingredients within a hydro aqueous solution such as water. This can sound complicated and very scientific…so let’s break down and simplify the terminology. 

Liposomes Bio Available Supplement Nutrition @ Well Actually

Phospholipid is a type of lipid consisting of fat-like substance that has a head and two tails

Liposomal Advanced Nutrient Absorption @ Well Actually Quality Nutrition for Less


Phospholipid bi-layer means two layers of fat lipids which are strung together to form two lines, the polar opposite of each other.

Liposomes Maximum Nutrient Supplement and Vitamins Absorption @ Well Actually

The bi-layer forms this way when phospholipids are introduced to a hydro solution. The phospholipid hydrophobic tails join facing each other to escape from the hydro-solution. At the same time, the water-loving (hydrophilic) heads form a bond with the hydro-solution, turning to face it. Please refer to the image below:
A Liposome is created when the phospholipid bi-layer starts to form a closed bubble-like structure (liposome) completely excluding the hydro-solution from the hydrophobic tail. In doing so, it encapsulates the nutrient-enriched hydro-solution inside the micro-phospholipid bi-layered bubble.

There is something else you should know

What about non-water-loving ingredients such as Vitamin D, E, among many others examples, which are fat-soluble, can these be transported by liposomes? Yes, they can.

For non-water soluble nutrients, these are transported in the outer membrane tail section of the liposome protected from water.


The Very simple explanation now looks something like this: 

‘A liposome is a bubble made from two layers of a fat like substance which encapsulates water-soluble substances within its centre and/or non-water-soluble substances within the outer membrane bi-layer’ 
Liposomes Maximum Nutrient Supplement and Vitamins Absorption @ Well Actually


Liposome Delivery

As previously mentioned, the Lipids that form our liposomes are called "phospholipids". Phosphatidylcholine is the most abundant phospholipid and a main building block of our own cells, and the liposome, membrane walls. 

Due to this physiological indifference, the body is deceived into transporting the orally consumed liposomal nutrient-rich bubbles around the body. They are protected against the harsh environment of the digestive system and transported into the bloodstream via the mucosal and intestinal epithelial cells.

Liposomal Supplement Nutrition and Vitamin Delivery System @ Well Actually Affordable Nutrition for Less

The nutrients inside the liposome bubble cannot pass through it. Only when the liposomes are in the bloodstream, locate and fuse onto nutrient-deficient cells, will its cargo be released. This provides an effective targeted delivery solution.

Please refer to cell and fusion on to  stages 1 (above), 2, 3 (below)


Liposomal Supplement Nutrition and Vitamin Delivery System @ Well Actually Affordable Nutrition for Less
Liposomal Supplement Nutrition and Vitamin Delivery System @ Well Actually Affordable Nutrition for Less  



History and Importance of Liposomes

Whilst a fairly new phenomenon in the dietary supplement arena, which is currently turning the market of traditional dietary supplementation on its head, Liposomes have been around for nearly 30 years. They were first discovered by the British haematologist Dr Alec D Bangham in 1964 (Published 1965), at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge. Then later clinically approved for wide-scale use in the delivery of targeted anti-cancer drugs in the early 1990s. 

It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that Liposome encapsulation was used to deliver vitamins.

Evolving technological advancements in liposomal encapsulation, and a growing desire for high-quality supplements synonymous with the term’ high bio-availability’ place Liposomes at the forefront of effective nutritional supplementation.



Many factors affect bio-availability, including digestive problems, low stomach acid, and age-related slower intake of nutrients.

Then, you have the many different forms of powders, capsules, tablets, gummies, liquid sprays, all of which vary in their delivery method and absorption.

The most effective way of delivering nutrients into the body is by intravenous. However, administration of injections should be undertaken by qualified personnel and can be inconvenient and time-consuming. There is also a risk of infection. 

Liposomes provide a more convenient, enhanced and effective delivery without the need for third-party intervention. It is also possible to achieve higher bioavailability with lower doses because of fast and efficient absorption. Liposomes provide adjustable and incremental dosing facility for children and adults, also ideal for those whom swallowing a tablet is not possible.


High Quality for Less

Not all Liposome products are made equal. Here at Well.Actually. we use one of the world's leading patented liposome expertise, and UK leading laboratory with production facility accredited with both, BRCGS and GMP quality standards.

One has to be careful when selecting a ‘liposomal’ product to ensure they are truly ‘Liposomal’ i.e. greatly increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Unlike the word liposome, the word ‘liposomal’ is not well defined and loosely it means ‘containing fat’. Some ‘liposomal’ products simply contain a fat lipid and a nutrient, but cannot form a liposome bubble to encapsulate them. Purchasing such a product is by no way comparable to true liposomal delivery.

The easiest way to check that a product contains liposomes is to always read the label. Liposomes are usually formed with phospholipids, the most abundant of which is phosphatidylcholine. If the product contains this ingredient, you will be assured that it is a true Liposomal product.



Other distinct differences to Well.Actually. liposomal high-quality and efficiency are that they are: 

  • Free from alcohol, dairy, soy, gluten & wheat 
  • Free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly
  • Naturally flavoured
  • Offer full money-back guarantee*
  • Reduced plastic packaging

Another important aspect is in respect of how we prepare our products using nitrogen to flush the necks of all our bottles before sealing the lids.

This extra process helps protect the product from oxidative degradation when being stored, so you are guaranteed with the best high-quality Liposomal you can possibly have.




Well.Actually Bold Pricing Structure

From the outset Well.Actually. pledged to its customers to produce the highest quality supplements, sold at the lowest reasonable price.

Our Liposomes range is more affordable, better value and higher in strength than other liposomal products on the market.

We will continue to make great nutrition available for everyone so that you can have better health and enjoy living your most vibrant life at an affordable cost.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so certain that you’ll be amazed at the health benefits of any of our Well.Actually. products that you can try it under our unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. 

If you’re not sure after 60 days, simply contact us and we will return 100% of your money (minus shipping costs, if applicable), no questions asked.


Welcome to Well.Actually. Quality Nutrition for Less!

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