How do Well.Rewards. work?

TO START EARNING POINTS - create an account, (earning you 500 points) then with every purchase you make (including subscriptions) you will gain points. For every £1 you spend you will earn 10 points (i.e. if you spend £30 you will earn 300 points).

VIEW YOUR POINTS - You can see your point balance by clicking on Well Rewards in the main menu, and selecting My Well.Rewards. After each order, providing you have an account, you will receive an email updating you on your points balance.

REDEEM YOUR POINTS - To redeem your points go to My Well.Rewards. page. Click Redeem on the 'Cash Discount Voucher' to generate a discount code from your points. Then click apply, which will automatically apply the discount to your order at checkout or copy and past the code in the discount box at checkout. The minimum amount of points you can redeem as a voucher is £5 (500 points).