Our commitment to the planet we live on & our communities

We are bold in our ideals, rooted to our cause, and defined by our integrity and ability to deliver on our commitments.

Well.Actually. is not just another supplement brand. There was not one purpose ‘to make a great nutrition’. There were several:

  1. Formulate quality nutrition which was highly bio-available
  2. Sold at the lowest possible price without compromise to quality
  3. Adopt eco-conscious packaging solutions which reduce plastic waste
  4. Give back to society to those less fortunate
  5. Vegan & vegetarian friendly
  6. Free From – preservatives, alcohol, soy, gluten, artificial colours or sweeteners
  7. Be proud in our knowledge that each product is best in class to meet our family’s nutritional needs


Eco-Conscious Packaging Choices

Well.Actually. focuses to reduce packaging waste and minimise plastic use, delivering a measured reduction to the impact on our environment.

We therefore choose to use:

  • Pouches to reduce plastic packaging and eliminate the use of boxes.
  • Glass which is 100% recyclable and the most widely recycled material in the UK, and which does not deteriorate the more times it is recycled.
  • Biodegradable labels & non plastic packaging tape, filler, and protection to safely transport our products. They are 100% recyclable and wherever possible, we use recycled materials.
Sustainable practices. Less Plastic @ Well Actually Quality Nutrition

As we have found out, there is no one giant step to get you there. It is a combination of lots of little steps, with a commitment to discovering new and more innovative ways that can further reduce any impact to the environment.


Supporting our Communities

I was always told :

"Do not start out in business giving money to charitable causes. Focus on your profits, build your business, and then give back. I adopted this approach for many years as it was not just one person but many people who gave this advice.
On a personal front, this is different and have been involved with various events and charitable causes but not initially through business.
The advice also carries some merit, after all, if you do not have a successful business, how can it support charitable causes. Doing things right is not always doing things the easy way and decided that I wanted Well.Actually to support a charity that I had a lot of admiration for and which range true to my heart.
Vitamin Angels over the years has grown into a truly inspiring, authentic, and much need organization. They set-up 25 years ago to tackle a disheartening statistic that found Malnutrition to be the #1 cause of preventable child deaths. 
The objects for which the Company are established, are the relief of sickness and preservation of health by providing or assisting in the provision of nutrients and services for the benefit of mothers and children and to work to end malnutrition - and its consequences among at-risk, hard-to-reach populations - (e.g., defined generally as individuals lost to national health services).
Focus would be provided to young children under five years of age, and women of reproductive age, including especially pregnant women and their unborn child and new mothers.
Education would also be provided to the general public in all areas relating to healthcare for mothers and children.
In more recent years Vitamin Angels has created a UK arm of the business working with National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) to reach more than 400 children.
Vitamin Angels @ Well Actually Quality Supplement at Affordable Prices
The six participating nurseries serve children from low-income families who could benefit from increased access to better nutrition. For every product sold, Well.Actually. make a donation which goes towards providing nutrition to underprivileged mothers and children.
Together we can create a healthier and more sustainable world.
Nigel (founder)



Well.Actually. continues to research and review packaging solutions and created consistent assessments to further reduce any impact to the environment. Together for wellness. Well.Actually. together for a better world. 

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