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Why You (And Your Little Ones) Need That Vitamin D Boost in October!

As the golden glow of summer fades, and the crisp embrace of autumn takes hold, our relationship with the sun—and the vital Vitamin D it bestows—shifts dramatically. This essential nutrient, often dubbed the 'sunshine vitamin', plays a pivotal role in a myriad of our body's processes. Yet, as the year wanes, many of us find ourselves in a sunshine deficit, unaware of the profound impact it can have on our well-being. Dive into these ten compelling reasons why everyone, from the young to the young-at-heart, should consider elevating their Vitamin D game this season.

1. Government-Endorsed Sunshine:

Let's kick off with a compelling reason—our very own government health department, UK’s National Health Service (NHS), are waving the Vitamin D flag. This is the only Vitamin the government recommends we should all take during the Autumn and winter months. If the bigwigs are recommending it, there must be something to it, right? (1a)


NHS Vitamin D recommendation

2. More Than Just Bones:

While Vitamin D champions calcium absorption for robust bones, its role doesn't end there. As winter approaches, this sunny vitamin also armours our immune system against the onslaught of sniffles and sneezes.

3. The Disappearing Sun Trick:

Remember those long, sun-drenched summer days? By October, they've done a vanishing act. Shorter days mean fewer golden hours to stock up on natural Vitamin D. Our plates might be diverse, but very few foods naturally bring Vitamin D to the table, just 10-15% in fact, providing you eat the right foods. Relying solely on our meals, its never going to happen!

4. The UV Index Tells a Tale:

Let’s talk numbers. The UV index, which signals the power of sunburn-causing ultraviolet rays, paints a stark contrast between July and October. A sizzling UV index of 6-7 in July can plummet to a meagre 1-2 by October in many places. It has a third of its power and come winter, this can drop to a tenth? In simple terms: You will need to expose yourself to the sun for three to four times longer in October and ten times longer in the Winter, than you did in the summer months.
A List of Vitamin D rich Foods

5. Where will you get your Autumn/Winter Vitamin D From?:

Holidays are great for topping up the tan and your Vitamin D but how long do you think summer stores of Vitamin D will last? With a half-life of around 15-20 days, those radiant levels from your sunny summer vacation could halve in just a few weeks! Vitamin D from foods accounts for only 10 - 15% of the minimum requirement and only if eating the right foods which are not appealing to everyone.

6. Cosy Indoors or Vitamin D Outdoors?:

As the chill sets in, hot cocoa by the fireplace sounds far more tempting than a jog in the park. Both kids and adults tend to huddle indoors, missing out on even the reduced sun's ability to make Vitamin D.
Cosy person by the fire holding a cup of Cocoa

7. Dressing the Part:

Out come the jackets, scarves, and boots! The more we bundle up, the less skin sees the sun. Whilst you might expose 60% of your skin in the summer, this could be reduced to just 10% in the winter. So not only do you have to go outside for longer because due to the reduced suns power, you need to stay out even longer to play a game of hide and seek, where Vitamin D is often left seeking!

8. Risk Groups in the Limelight:

With factors like skin tone, age, and body weight, some of us are already further behind on being able to produce adequate Vitamin D from the suns rays. For example if you have Mediterranean skin, then you need to the expose yourself almost double the time to those with pale skin. With Asian skin it can be two to three times and black skin can need up to six times the amount of exposure.

9. Chase Away the Gloom:

Ever felt the winter blues? A lack of Vitamin D might be playing a part. Supplementing can potentially ward off the gloom and add a spring to your step!
Person, feeling low, holding their head by the window, wearing a jumper and scarf

10. It doesn’t end there?

Beyond bones and moods, Vitamin D might be whispering secrets to our heart, aiding in cardiovascular health. Did you know Vitamin D also influences our sleep patterns? Those longer Autumn, Winter nights could benefit from a Vitamin D balance, potentially promoting more restful slumber.


Final Note

As we wrap up our sunlit journey through the importance of Vitamin D, it's crucial to remember that if you are looking to take a Vitamin D supplement, that not all supplements are created equal. Proudly presenting our Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2 sprays and liquids—a beacon of quality in the UK's Vitamin D landscape. Recognised for their high absorption, our range doesn't just offer a comprehensive suite of Vitamin D products; it promises convenience and enjoyment, after all who said supplements had to be boring.

Given the season's shorter days and the compelling reasons we've explored, it's paramount for everyone to prioritize their Vitamin D intake. As the days grow cooler, let our products bring the warmth and wellness of summer right to your doorstep.



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