Neuro-Regeneration: Harnessing the Power of Liposomes

Neuro-Regeneration: Harnessing the Power of Liposomes Webinar

With Nigel Barton and Katarina Cepinova

Wednesday 29th September at 6pm

In this Live Webinar we discover about what our brains are really used for and how they have evolved to help us navigate the complex and busy world we now live in. 

We delve into the world of Neurons and Neuro Plasticity, the forming and strengthening of new connections. How and why, it is also important that we feed our brains with the right nutrient and mineral rich foods and supplements. After all our brain has the richest blood supplies of any organ, what we feed it has a detrimental effect on how our brains function.

The Liposome delivery system, one of the emerging and most significant developments within the nutrition industry, is growing in popularity for a reason. Phosphatidylcholine (PC), the membrane of our cells and that of Liposomes, protects nutrients and aids absorption but what you may not have known is that PC is vital for helping to grow new and strengthen existing neural pathways.

Join us for an educational webinar in partnership with Well.Actually on understanding the compatible, synergistic benefits that liposomal encapsulation of brain and liver support vitamins and minerals can play in neuro-regeneration.




Nigel Barton

Nigel Barton

Liposomal Science Expert and Founder Well.Actually.

Nigel Barton is an entrepreneur with a broad business skill set and a can-do attitude whereby his beliefs are bigger than his fears. Well.Actually. Nigel has long held a passion for clean label, customer centric and innovative natural product brands. Discovering Liposome science, which had been used for decades in the pharmaceutical industry for "drug targeting", to aid absorption and increase the direct delivery of active ingredients used for targeted therapies. Nigel became fascinated when learning that this technology was now being applied successfully and safely to transport nutrients around the body to optimise their full bio-therapeutic potential. Carrying out more in-depth research and networking with others within this exciting nutritional science arena, Nigel set about turning his vision in to reality.


Katarina Kepinova

Katarina Cepinova

Nutritional Therapist & Teacher

Katarina Cepinova MSc, BA (Hons); Dip NT, mBANT, rCNHC, mANP, mGNC Katarina is a registered and accredited Nutritional Therapist based in London, where she offers private nutritional consultations alongside her thriving practice in Canterbury.   Having experienced wide range of digestive issues, food sensitivities and related symptoms herself she has now has a special interest in supporting clients with food sensitivities & allergies, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, immuno-compromised and nutrient deficient in developing specialised tailor made nutritional and lifestyle plans. She is passionate about empowering clients to optimise their health and wellbeing through manageable bite sized steps.

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